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Thursday, February 03, 2011

3 AM Morning

I will never understand why I arise at 3 AM on the days that I'm off from work and will be home all day and then on days I need to get up and going early I can't seem to get my eye's open at all. OH well - I'll have all the blogs I follow read and check in on Facebook before Scott is even up. I see a big breakfast in his future.

Last night we had an enjoyable evening with Scott's family at California Dreaming. It's in an old train station in Columbia and the food is always good there. We followed the meal with a lovely HUGE piece of cheese cake; I was so glad that we decided to share the piece. The portions there are really enough for 2 people and we brought another FULL portion home of the entrée that we both got - San Fransico Shrimp on Angel Hair pasta. Scott will take that for lunch. The only complaint I might have is I could barely see the menu as the lights were so low - I guess I've reached "Old Fuddy Duddy" in that department. Perhaps I will keep a mini flashlight in my purse for occasions like that.

Today my SIL - Jane is coming over to hang out while her husband Steve is working. Not sure what we will get into but I did come across a bunch of paper crafting books while I was doing the clean-up of my crafting room so perhaps we will look through them to come up with more ideas for future scrap-booking and card crafting adventure. Perhaps we will go over to Michael's and get some stuff to make Valentines.... we'll see.

Sorry no pictures this morning - I wonder how quietly I can empty the dishwasher.
I got the kitchen completely clean and the floor mopped before 5 AM! Now to keep it looking nice and tidy ALL DAY! 

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