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Sunday, February 27, 2011

On my mind....

Rhonda is busy with putting the final touches on her new book but I decided to post an "On My Mind" post anyway for this past week - I'm a couple days late but that is OK. 
The little dog in the chair has been my friend since my trip home from the hospital in 1964. He has been washed and repaired MANY times and my Grandmother's hand stitching in many different threads cross his bottom. He used to bark but his barker has rotted. I keep thinking about opening him up and removing his stuffing and gently hand washing him once more and then re-stuffing him until he is more firm and would sit up better.

The little doll on his lap is wearing a crocheted outfit that my Mother made for me many years ago. Mom can no longer crochet due to crippling arthritis and Fibromyalgia. So it is a real treasure for me.

The Bugs Bunny bows and tips side to side when you press on the bottom of his pedestal. I used to have a Fred Flintstone that would flip on a trapeze but it got destroyed in a move.

The green cat was bought for me after a trip to my Mother's Lawyer during her divorce from her first husband. I was about 9 years old.

And the baby doll I've had FOREVER. I used a marker to give her lipstick and nail polish when I was real little. Her eyes used to open and close but now only one does as the other has fallen back into her head; Which makes her look a bit like "Chucky" but I still cherish her. I think that I will make her some new clothes. When you blew on her mouth or her back she would sound like she was crying - not sure if that still works or not - haven't tried to do that lately. 

What are some things you've held onto from your childhood? Leave a comment and link for me to read about your treasures.

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  1. YEAH! Handy Husband got her eye to look not so creepy.

  2. My how this post brought back memories of things from childhood I have stashed in a old steamer trunk. Inside the trunk is a 1950-ish Walt Disney coloring book, and several books one being Little Women...An Uncle worked for a book distributor and he would give us the promo books...Also I have a plaster doggie that was once a night light. Just this past year I gave My Barbie and all her handmade clothing to Granddaughter (Alison-5yrs) in the black and pink doll case...Another doll that was given to me by my Great Grandmother, has a wobbly head and chuckie type eyes...because they are attached inside by rubber bands...
    Thanks for taking me down a Memory Trail..

  3. Oh, this was so sweet reading about your different treasures and the stories behind them!!! I have a little pink stuffed kitty cat that I made in kindergarten. I'm now 30-something. "Mr. Kitty" is dirty and needs a washing. I'm afraid to even hand wish him because I don't know if it'll hold up in the water. I think it should be okay if I'm gentle!!! Oh, I love that little stuffed pink kitty cat. I've been thinking about posting a photo so metime this week :) :) Not sure when :) Have a lovely weekk. Thanks for sharing some of your treasures this week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Among my most prized possessions are a little head that my father carved out of clay once when i was sick and my mom's Gerber baby doll. She was my constant companion for many years and now she sits in the sewing rocker in my bedroom. i can't imagine not having her with me. One day she will go to a granddaughter or even a great-granddaughter.
    Thanks for the memories!


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