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Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Time for "ON MY MIND"

Well today at work I came across some really awesome stitchery kits that have been marked way down and I had to resist buying any because - well we are broke and are just making bills and groceries. But thats ok because it made me go on to the next thought... do I REALLY need anymore to do? What do you think? Here is what came to my mind while looking at those Clearance Stitchery kits; this drawer...
I decided to pull them out and show just why I should NOT buy anything more in this area. Here they are all lined up on my cutting table...
Did you notice the distinct "cat" theme? Here are some close ups...

Definitely time to "just say no"!
Stitchery kits - I'M GOOD ON! CHECK!
"On My Mind" is a weekly feature that anyone can participate in; guidelines are at Rhonda's blog...Down to Earth


  1. You have lots to keep you busy there! Than
    Nks for stopping by to see my first serious attempt at sewing.

  2. Good job...with sticking to your budget, and deciding that you have plenty to keep you occupied for some time to come! I have a drawer of stitchery kits too, and actually cleaned some out last year and gave to friends. I figured, I have so many other endeavor's, that I will probably never get to some of them! Have a good weekend!

  3. hehe, at least you remembered you had enough at home before you bought any, I usually only come to that realization right after I buy them :)

  4. Oh, I can so identify with this, because I can't resist a good deal, especially if it's for something craft. So I"m purposing to use up what I have right now first...!!!! I need to use it up, before I buy more..especially since I'm mainly doing stuff for the home!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Congrats for passing up a bargain, that you didn't need. A bargain isn't a bargain if we put ourselves in jeopardy in other areas of our lives.

  6. Well done Becky! Another temptation put to rest. You have enough stitchery aids there to sink a ship. LOL

  7. Hi Becky, thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment:)

    Yes, I'd have to agree with you, NO more stitchery kits. I'm a bit like that with sewing patterns and fabric, and wool for jumpers, oh and of course quilt tops. It never ends!

  8. Lisa - This is only ONE drawer in my sewing room. LOL! I have a "bit" of EVERYTHING just like you.... plus beads for jewelry making. I can truly say there is really no reason for "I'm bored" to escape my lips. And now it's time to garden as well.

  9. I clicked over from Rhonda's blog. I had to giggle at this post. You are exactly right! Any price is too much to pay when we do not need the product. Even if the store had been giving away the kits, you would have been wise to walk away. I have recently come to the same conclusion when it comes to children's clothing. I often receive bags of gently used clothing for my four (soon to be five) little children. I used to keep every piece I was offered. Now, I sort through the items. I keep the best few pieces and donate the rest to goodwill. We need clothing, but we don't need drawers stuffed full of items we will not use. It is so liberating to say, "No thank you. We have all that we need."

  10. Well done for resisiting the urge to buy more! Everyone has a weakness, mine is stationery and I guess yours is this! Maybe you could sell some of your excess to make some extra funds if money is tight?
    Just an idea.
    Stacey x

  11. I've definitely been there! When I was doing more sewing (something I need to get back to) it was hard to resist buying fabric on sale. Now I have quite a stash! Hope you start working on some of those beautiful projects!

  12. LOL.... my "stash".... "addiction"..... "craft supplies" really built up working at Jo-Ann Fabrics for 5 1/2 years and now I'm at Michael's Crafts but have to put blinders on as 1. I don't NEED anymore and 2. our income has been drastically reduced and there is no play money. But no complaints - I have PLENTY to do!

  13. I guess we all know where you're at! I don't think there is very many creative people out there that doesn't have at least a little stash somewhere! I've been working on mine, either getting some things done or just really deciding that its something I'm just not going to do and pass it on. Its kind of liberating! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been lax on posting, but I'm trying to be more consistent now.

  14. Sounds like me with the yarn! I definitely have enough cotton yarn for all new dish cloths and, maybe, a couple bath mats. There is way more than enough worsted polyester and wool yarn for a multitude of hats for the needy in the area. I could virtually knit during all my 'down time' and not need more yarn until well into summer...
    But, there are so many pretty new colors coming out...
    I don't even walk down that aisle...
    unless I owe myself a treat!


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