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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Kitchen table topper

Remember these? Well I started cutting them up for a table topper; from each 10+inch block I cut 3 - 5" squares and 4 - 2 1/2" squares. And then I decided I needed 1 more square of each color family to have enough to do a 10 square by 10 square table topper. The 2 1/2" squares will be utilized in a border around later.
This is the layout so far...
One day maybe I will have a flannel covered design wall so that I can plan out a full sized quilt. 4 more rows will be added once these are all sewn together. I was going to sew today but have been in a weird sort of mood and just let the day slip by only doing a couple loads of laundry the dishes and cooking dinner. I feel kinda guilty for not getting more done. Perhaps tomorrow I will be more productive. Some days I'm just a "veggie".


  1. EEEKKKK! Glad I didn't start sewing as I just realized from the picture that I only have 9 across and not the 10 I planned.... like I said... VEGGIE LAND here today!

  2. OK... so my head is REALLY not together... my table topper will be 10 squares by 7 squares... so actually more of a runner but that will work on my oblong kitchen table.


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