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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mailing Day

I've got a package and a bag full of envelopes to get mailed today. So some folks will be getting some "happy" bits in their mailboxes soon. I love doing swaps and sending little surprises to people to brighten their day.

After a few hours at work this morning I will stop at the Post Office and mail the goodies and then come home and sew. If I ever get moved out to the bonus room I will definitely look at getting a love seat or chair and ottomen for Scott to sit in as he so enjoys sitting in my sewing room while I am working; says it's warm and inviting and he just loves watching me sew and create things. AWWWW.... I used to have a love-seat but it fell apart and I ran out of room for it in this spare bedroom that I use as my sewing room. This will be our guest bedroom once I get relocated; not sure how long before that happens though.

The weather is a little nasty this morning with a bit of rain and an overcast sky. I'll have to drive extra careful and leave the house a bit early just to be on the safe side. Today is "bonus" hours for me as I was only scheduled to work two days this week. I'm thankful for the additional hours.

Yesterday Scott had a job interview that he feels went REALLY well. If he gets it he will be traveling a LOT overseas as a Buyer. We are so hoping that this comes through for us as we need the break. Got my fingers and toes crossed!


  1. OH, have a great day...working, crafting etc ;) :) I'll be praying your husband gets that job!!! That would be great!! Keep us posted :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. We got these beautiful cards! Abby was very gentle and girly with hers!LOL! She such a girlie girl. That will be put up for her treasure box!:)

  3. Love your idea of a love seat for him to watch from. So nice he enjoys being close to you!!!


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