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Monday, November 16, 2009

Out in the Garden

I weeded the beds that contain collards, onions and sweet potatoes vines (our experiment to see how late in the year we can squeeze in sweet potatoes). And then I weeded the bed that we had prepped last month and planted it FULL of garlic sets that Scott had saved from his garlic harvest earlier this year. If it all comes up we will have a TON of garlic to share in the Spring. I want to take up the spindly okra plants as they aren't doing anything more and prep that bed for the rest of the onion sets and some salad green mix. We have space in the garden for one more of the long beds that Scott has been building and then our plan is to replace the last two shorter beds with another long bed. It will completely change the way the garden looks but will be a lot more productive for us. Along the garage I will be prepping that bed for the rhubarb, horse radish and asparagus that I ordered from Gurney's; it will arrive the beginning of March. Right now there is garlic and walking onions planted along there. I'm really getting excited about the garden now.

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