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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Early to bed even EARLIER to rise!

I was so exhausted yesterday that I was in bed by 8 last night. And WIDE awake at 3 this morning so I've read email, checked Facebook and read over some of the blogs that I read daily and am now here posting to my own. Today I will finish the laundry and deep clean this front room and finish dusting our bedroom and vacuum both rooms thoroughly. I will need to pay bills and make a trip to the grocery store. I want to make mac and cheese today and need the cheese. I will also pick up a ham slice to go with it. I'm enjoying cooking again and I do believe that both my fellas are thrilled about it too. Lord knows it's much healthier than the garbage food we were buying out at places.

I've started working on several Christmas gifts and have several more in mind.... all handmade by me. It's the only way we will be able to do Christmas this year. I may post a collage picture of what I am making as I get items completed as a teaser - just bits and pieces of the items.

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