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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beating the Sun to Breakfast

We just finished breakfast - bacon, eggs and biscuits. Of course coffee was brewed as well. I'm not sure what it is about 3 AM but that seems to be my new wake-up time. Scott got up shortly after when I went in my sewing room to tidy a bit and made a HUGE amount of noise trying to be quiet. A cutting mat pushed over two boards I had behind the door when I went to close it. So much for being quiet.

SO... the day has started. Scott and I were talking over breakfast what we could plant now since we have a bed in the garden all prepped for planting and we are thinking the remaining onion sets, some more collard greens and a salad mix would be awesome. So once the sun makes an appearance I will go out and plant those and weed the current collard and onion bed as well as the bed that we planted shoots from the sweet potatoes last month. Not sure they will do much before they are frozen off but we thought we'd give it a try anyway. Speaking of sweet potatoes the ones that we dug are starting to sprout as it is too warm in the radio room so I may be baking them up and freezing them for later use.

I ordered some rhubarb, horse radish and asparagus from Gurneys and it will be shipped to me the beginning of March so I will need to get the bed along the side of the garage ready for them. I think I will move the Rosemary to another bed outside the garden boundaries as it gets so big. It also needs to be moved so that we can install two more long beds. As it is going next years spring/summer garden will be HUGE! Hopefully I will still be on this 3 AM wake up routine so that I can be up working in it before the sun comes out each day to burn me up.

The City of Columbia is thinking about allowing people to have chickens in their backyard but only 4 chickens and NO roosters (Roosters are EVIL - apparently). They are planning to charge people $100 a year for the privilege. We have GOT to get moved up to our 10 acres of in the boonies before Cayce thinks this is a plan as well. The whole idea of owning a few chickens is to SAVE a bit of money on eggs but people can buy a lot of eggs for $100.

Scott and I both have a cold that is making us feel a bit yucky this morning. Him more so than me so we may have to catch a nap after awhile.

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