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Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm working on a couple specials gifts and I need chicken die-cuts, stickers or some other small chicken related embellishment. I never imagined how difficult it would be to find such but apparently chickens are not "in". Man I could buy dragons, monkeys, fairy's and butterfly's like crazy yesterday but they aren't want I need at the moment. So I came home and printed off some chicken clip-art that I found online.

I'm thinking I can make these little guys work for what I need them for. Tomorrow I will be back on my sewing machine as I have quite a bit of sewing to do for Christmas as well.

We are planning to go up to our land today and just walk around a bit. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of putting our cottage further back in the woods away from the road and behind a bunch of trees to have a buffer from the road noise. I'm looking forward to today. When we aren't up there I have housework and my many projects to work on here- if Scott drives I can knit as we go as well.

Yesterday we went shopping a bit for Scott's side of the family and they are nearly done; just need 4 more men's gifts. Not sure what to do for any of them but I'm sure something will come to mind before Christmas. I'm sticking to the handmade gifts for my family. Scott was worried that I was taking on too much trying to make something for everyone in both families.

It's a bit chilly this morning; according to my computer it is 39* outside right now - I'm glad I am sitting in a nice warm kitchen and feel so bad for those that are on the street cold this morning.

Scott has set up a de-rusting tub in the garage and he is like a kid - full of excitement over the foaming rust collecting on the top of the water. Perhaps he will write about it over on his blog this morning.

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