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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My weird Christmas List

Things I wouldn't mind finding under my Christmas Tree....

1 A couple cans of canned air
2 Crimping pliers (for jewelry making)
3 Hand blown water globes
4 vegetable seeds
5 starting mix (for starting seeds)
6 bird houses
7 bamboo wind chimes
8 a couple skeins of "sock yarn"
9 bread baking pans
10 recipe cards
11 stationery and envelopes
12 plants (preferable things that grow outdoors)
13 sweat pants (no elastic at the bottom of the legs - size XL)
14 45 mm cutting blades - just plain, no decorative edges
15 Sharpener for rotary cutting blades and/or scissors
16 collapsible yarn caddy
17 rawhide gloves - mens medium or large (womens gloves are alway to small for my long fingers)
18 milk glass serving bowls or hand thrown bowls in earth colors
19 mortar and pestal
20 lunch with a friend
21 a tea kettle

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