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Saturday, December 20, 2008

HOME... Thank Goodness

I got home a little after Noon today. I was hoping to get home a lot earlier in the day but they just couldn't get to me... the story of the evening. I should have just come home; I would have had Scott right there with me and I would have slept a LOT better. Of course I would not have had the IV fluids that kept me going last night either. And they told me this morning not to plan on going back to work until after Christmas so I had to call my Boss and let her know. I feel so bad leaving them short right here at Christmas but I don't want to risk another trip to the hospital either. It's just so nice to be home.

Scott went to get an eye exam quite awhile ago and I'm a little nervous being home alone. I've called him but couldn't reach him. I hope that he is all right. If he doesn't get home soon I may call Julia (my MIL) and see if she can come stay with me until Scott gets home.

Scott came in shortly after I posted this message.

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