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Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Monday

And I've received THE CALL - you know... can you come in early? LOL! It's OK I need to make up for hours I missed last week so I'll take it. Could have worked some on Saturday too if Scott and I had not all ready made plans to put clear coat on Greg's floor. Amanda is ill and needs to go home and get some medication and a little rest.

I'm going to start sewing my way through my stash working from one box at a time. I pulled in two of my smaller boxes last night and looked through them.... I will start by making a shirt, a table runner and a couple tote bags that I will set aside for future gifts. I may post teaser photos and let people guess who they are for.... hee hee hee.... I know some family reads our blog regularly so I won't say who items are being made for you all will just have to wait and see. ha ha!

Greg has settled back in on base and sounds to be in good spirits. He has adopted a little black cat and calls her Ms Panther. She has a collar so he posted a message on the bulletin board about her in the hopes he'll find her owner. But for right now he is enjoying her company. Feeds her potted meat and sushi - WONDER WHY SHE'S HANGING AROUND?! HA HA!

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