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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doctors Appointments...

Yesterday Scott went to the Dentist for his 6 month checkup and all is well. They tried to talk him into replacing his old fillings with new white ones. He said why do I need to do that the ones I have aren't damaged or falling out and their reply was that the white ones would "look better". WHO CARES THEY'RE IN THE BACK OF MY MOUTH!

Today I see the Cardiologist at 10:30 and tomorrow I go to the Imaging Center for a Mammogram. FUN WEEK BACK HOME! NOT!!!! Oh well maybe I will get some answers as to why my chest aches so from time to time. It just seems that I can't handle any amount of stress these days. I wish we would win the lottery, pay everything off and disappear from the day to day work life. Of course we rarely play the lottery so thats not likely to happen. OH WELL!

It's supposed to get up to 70*F here today - HEAT WAVE! After being North I am THRILLED with this warmer weather.

I'll report in later today about my heart health. Hopefully it's just something that requires me to relax a bit more.

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