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Monday, December 01, 2008

Moved to tears...

I received an absolutely beautiful letter from a lady that shared Thanksgiving Dinner with our son. Here is what she wrote:

I had the honor of having Thanksgiving dinner with you son Gregory yesterday... while my son is a member of the VFW who sponsored the dinner... we had quite a turnout for the event... everyone handed out their cell phones for the kids to call home... it touched me deeply to see these young recruits... I being a mother of 5... 4 boys and 1 girl... know what the holidays mean to these young boys and girls....

I was sitting at the table with Gregory and he was showing me pics of his mom and dad and cats... and how he was happy that he could call home... just to say to you how much he loved and missed you guys... tears came to his eyes when he spoke of you... he tugged at my heart strings... I had to give him a hug and to tell him that all would go well... and that he would see you soon... You see... Thanksgiving is a lil ruff for me too... 5 years ago I lost my oldest son due to a car accident 2 days before Thanksgiving.... it's very hard to loose a child... But God makes up for it in many ways... and as time goes by you realize this... I understand Greg is your only child... all I can say is stand by him and love him... he is growing up and will come out of the service a man... I asked him if he had an e-mail address so as I can keep up with how he is doing... and to let him know that people care....If you would like to write in the near future... I'm known as... NA - NA JO... am seventy years old... and still kicken... ha ha

I have to admit that it was the best Thanksgiving ever and I had fun talking to most of the kids there. I know in your hearts that you missed him too... so just to let you know we took good care of them and tried to give them somewhat of a good home cooked meal that everyone pitched in and did their part... believe me there are a lot of good people out there all trying to do their share in trying to make the kids happy... I hope in the future for all of them that they come home safe and sound... Thank you for your time and may you both have a blessed Christmas...

Best Regard... Na-Na Jo

PS He asked me to drop you a line and gave me your address.

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