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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spot on leg

I have this spot on my left leg that gets darker red when I spend a lot of time on my feet. I took these photos last night after walking with my son and then working 8+ hours at the store. The Dr has me on a diuretic to help with fluid but this spot continues to be an ugly spot on my leg.


  1. I'm not exactly sure what causes that. Mine started from swelling. Now it's at least a third of my leg. Does it hurt? I hope you find a way to make it take a hike!

  2. Hey Wendy;
    I've had this spot for several years and my Dr said it has something to do with the valves in my leg not working properly and too much blood stays down in that leg and does not circulate back through as it should. When I take the water pill it doesn't get so bright red. The Dr didn't seem too interested in it or the cysts that are developing in this leg. I have been wondering if I need to get a second opinion. Other than looking horrible it doesn't hurt much - only when I over do BIG TIME does it hurt badly.

  3. I was looking up red spots on legs and gee whiz! Here I am again! :-) My spot is getting worse. How's yours?

  4. I too have a strange red blotch on my left inner leg. It is hot to the touch, feels a little hard, and is tender when you press on it. Back in February 2011 my left ankle swelled for no reason at all and these tenders spots appeared around that time. Swelling is not as noticeable today (June 2011) but the tender spots come and goes as does the red spot. I'm up to $800 in doctors bills and no one can tell me what is wrong or why it is there. (

  5. My heart Doctor said that he believed it to be some veins that formed a "dead-end" and that if they became extremely painful he would refer me to a vein specialist and they may have to be removed - that was 2 years ago. Since stepping out of Management and working just part time it has not bothered me at all. Still isn't my most attractive bit but it's not causing me any pain. But if or when it does I will be seeking out a vein specialist.

  6. mine is like that too , I should take a photo for you and send it to you as soon and brooke and rochelle finish facetiming me xxx

  7. Did you get any answers I have the same thing going on

  8. Did you get any answers I have the same thing going on

    1. No answers yet but I am seeing a new Doctor and she is an Internal Specialist and I will ask her about them at my next appointment.


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