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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Means to an End

Thats how I'm thinking about my job these days. I'm back at Jo-Ann's as a part-time employee and am enjoying seeing my old customers and talking about crafts again but it's not my main focus anymore. I'm taking time to enjoy my family again and building toward our future. It's not about making a lot of money to buy things that get cast aside eventually but developing bonds with people and nature. Little joys, little stress and loads of love... sounds oh so much better than dead lines that always seem to pass and high stress. Everyone around us seems so focused on becoming more successful so they can make more money to buy more things that don't last long enough or become "out of style". No one seems to be developing real skills that they could use if the bottom fell out tomorrow. Very few could even grow their own food or make their own clothes or build their own shelter... the basics of life. SCARY!

So for now I am working to get us to our land and a simpler life based on basic needs and self sufficientency.

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