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Monday, November 05, 2012

Another Week

I made it through another Monday... and an early one to boot. I was asked to come in at 3 this morning and tomorrow is the same. Only good thing about it tomorrow is I can vote EARLY and be done with it. Hopefully I will miss the long lines.

After I got home from work today I got the laundry started and cleaned both bathrooms. Then I swept and damp mopped our bedroom and the hallway. Ate lunch and then took an hour long nap. And after that I cooked a quick pork chop supper and only have to fold clothes and clean-up the kitchen before I can go to bed. YEAH! Not much left to do.

The sunrise yesterday was so beautiful with the fall colors on the trees. It turned a deeper pink after I came back inside the house... of course. This picture is still pretty. After we ate breakfast we decided to go on one of our "weird adventures". We decided to drive up a nearby street and park out of the way of traffic and walk back a ways to take some photo's of an area we drive by nearly every day. Scott took all the photos in this spot.

The first two are of the same tree just at a different setting. I love how he captured some of the Fall colors on the leaves in the right of the photo. It's really a shame there is so much trash in this water way. There were actually small fish in this area we could see them from the bridge rail. 

People were staring at us and I'm sure they were saying to themselves or the people with them, "What are THOSE TWO doing?" And the answer... HAVING FUN TOGETHER. This is just the silly stuff we do together... doesn't cost us a penny to enter and only pennies in gas to get there. 

This is my favorite photo that Scott took.
After we got back to the car we decided to go for our Sunday walk along the river where I took over with the camera for the most part.


  1. I love how you do your own thing. I too find it fun to take photos of everyday things that others might pass by and not notice. Looks like a perfect relaxing Sunday after all the hard work you've been doing.

  2. Oh I think they were really thinking "Look at that happy loving couple enjoying life" Love the pics. B

  3. haha so what if people are looking , it is fun andthat is all that matters,
    these are such beautiful photos , wow love it :) beautiful scenery , thank you for sharing

  4. How wonderful that in this whole wide world you found each other to have such fun with! Wonderful! And great photos, too.


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