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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today's Accomplishment

I finished the carpet removal in the dining room and cleaned the floor with Murphy's Oil Soap. We will eventually completely restore the wood floor since there are spots where the finish came up from wear under the carpet. One more room and there will not be any carpet left in the main body of the house. YEAH! I've decided not to switch rooms around and keep the den as the den so I can decorate it for Christmas. So here are a couple photo's of our dining room all clean and ready for company (the rest of the house is not... yet).

You can see the 2 chair seats that I've recovered in the red and gold.... 4 more chairs to go but that won't be happening until next year. The first 2 were done several years ago and they took so long I gave up on completing the task... BAD BECKY! I will get to it. You can see our first Christmas card on the table; it's from my cousin Penny. Christmas cards are on my to-do list for this week.
We will one day be in a position to finish this remodel!

I also got a start on cleaning up our den and am hoping to finish it tomorrow so that I can get our 2 little Christmas trees and the rest of our decorations up before Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the day when the ugly green linoleum is covered in wood look flooring!

Well that is it from me for this weekend. Take care!


  1. I ADORE wood floors. They look so charming and inviting! Good work! I just decorated for Christmas today, but I don't do much...just a little tree with bubble lights. They're my favorite.

  2. Wooden flooring is my dream floor. We have carpet in the bedroom areas and it really needs removing but I can't afford new covering. One day.
    Your room is looking fantastic. I hope you show us your Christmas decorating in the den.

  3. Your rooms look fantastic..Love wood floors..we couldn't afford wood flooring for our kitchen, dining area, living room open floor plan so we used parquet look tiles..anyways love the NO carpet look and so much easier to keep clean...Looking for forward to your Christmas decorating photo's..Blessings @ peace of mind

  4. Your dining room looks great with your lovely wooden furniture and now that beautiful floor! Reading your plans about decorating for Christmas are a good reminder to me not to leave it too long! lol

  5. The dining room looks great Becky great job. Wow four Mondays till Christmas I read that on Rhonda's blog scared me:) B


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