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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Gorgeous Weekend

The weather has been beautiful here for these 4 days I've taken off from work. Yesterday I went off with my friend Gypsye and we pawed our way through the bins at the Goodwill Clearance center and then we went to True BBQ for some awesome pork BBQ sandwiches.

(Paula and Evy are friends I've made through You Tube)

It was a wonderful day! I also stopped at JoAnn's and bought 1/3 yard of this brocade...
I'm going to make a make-up bag for my winner (Amelia) out of this fabric.

After such a wonderful day with my friend Scott and I discovered this gorgeous bloom in the back yard. My roses don't do well here so I am always thrilled to find one thats really showing out like this.

Needless to say goofing off outside the home didn't leave me as much crafting time at home but I will be completing some projects today.

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  1. I love goofing off outside those are so pretty the roses I mean.
    Great buys at the Goodwill. B


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