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Monday, November 19, 2012

Allergies and a project update

Well Scott went back to the ENT for the allergy testing and out of 36 things they tested for Scott is allergic to 30. Only a mild allergy to strawberries and that was his only food allergy. The pets are safe as he is only "mildly" allergic to them. But grasses, trees and molds are his MAJOR problems. They are talking an allergy shot once a week for the next 5 years. And you all know how much we both LOVE being out in nature. He will start the shots either next week or the week after and he will need to have an epi-pen near by in case he is allergic to the shots. So we have our answer and a possible solution... I hope it works. Oh and they told him to be careful about canned pasta sauces as they can sometimes have mold in them. And no more hard aged cheese, beer or wine.

Now for my little project completion...
I made this little pin cushion using the little ceramic vase I bought at the Goodwill Clearance center a couple weeks ago. I think it turned out beautiful and I'll be mailing it to a gal that wanted to do a stick-pin swap with me. I made the 4 stick-pins as well. Now to find a box the perfect size for shipping this to her. Luckily tomorrow is truck day and I'll be able to get a small box then.

I have some more pin cushions in the works and will share pictures of them later.


  1. What mold in canned pasta sauce I think that makes me sick. I hope Scott feels better after the shots.
    Love the pins cushion and stick pins very cool. B

  2. I hope Scott's allergies get sorted and you can continue your walks.

  3. Yikes....30 out of 36! Well, hopefully this is the step towards finally getting him feeling better! I sure hope so, and I really hope the shots work because I'd hate to think of Scott not enjoying his river walks.


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