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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a DREAM!!!

OK the dream that awoke me at 6:55 on my day off - I was serving mini bottles to all the nasty customers to make them nicer. OH BOY! Did I need today off... thats SO BAD! But they WERE a lot nicer after about a half dozen bottles.

It's looking like it's supposed to rain today; a good day to stay inside and sew. Scott picked a HUGE bowl of blackberries that are waiting for me to bake a pie or cobbler; so I will do that for him today as well. Right now Tesla is watching me and once in awhile will make a little cat noise to let me know he is still near by in case I need a fat orange cat and he also let me know that Nick finally turned up at the window for his breakfast as well. When I fed Amelia she looked at me like she really wished I had the leash in my hand instead of her cup of food so I guess we will work a walk in for her as well. If the sun comes out today that is.

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