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Monday, May 18, 2009

Aw Monday has arrived

OH yeah! Another Monday is here and it's a full one as usual. I always have so much to do on Mondays at work. I'm hoping to be able to head home at 4:30 this afternoon so that I can have a little sewing time before I go to bed. I have baby gifts to make and time is short.

Scott has been wonderful doing laundry, cooking and doing the dishes. The house needs a DEEP clean but it's livable.

It rained and rained yesterday. Everything is so green outside and full; makes it look like a jungle where ever we go. I so want to go up to our property and see how things are growing up there. Perhaps we will get that chance this weekend. If only we had one of the cabins built... a little retreat would be nice as well.

It's time to pull things together and get out the door.

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