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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sore this morning

Well I used muscles yesterday that I think my body had forgotten all about pulling down fixtures and moving product to "H" carts at the front of the store. WOW what a difference it makes; people are actually looking at the product now. And I actually sold more yesterday than I have in the 5 weeks it's been setting up there in the alley way as we called it. Perhaps my sales will increase enough to pull me out of the payroll hole that I've dug myself into this month.

Tesla had a grand outdoor adventure yesterday while I was at work. Greg let him slip outside. Thankfully nothing happened to him except now he is pining to be outside. He just absolutely freaks out when he is outside alone and does not know the ways of the outdoors and I worry he will get hurt. He is a spoiled little wretch! When Greg picked him up to bring him back in yesterday Tesla made all kinds of nasty cat noises.

Later in the evening he was Mr Suck-up to Scott and then he was healer cat for me. He fell asleep hard on my legs when I got in the recliner to watch a little TV - and it was VERY little TV as I fell right to sleep too.

Our garden is looking GREAT! And I've been trying to beat Amelia to the blackberries. I picked enough yesterday to make some muffins this morning. The entire time I was picking I could hear her smacking away on blackberries - WEIRD DOG!

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