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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day!

So far I've just spent a nice day with Scott. Greg, in all the years he has been my son has not been a gift giver on Mother's Day so I don't expect anything. I'm just happy to be his Mom. - AHHHH! Where did this stranger come from - Greg just called from Lowes and is bringing me a Mother's Day gift! WOW! Maybe the Navy has helped him step outside himself a bit.

Scott and I set 2 of the newly built raised beds over into the garden this morning and I mowed about half of the back yard. I wish that Greg would mow the rest of it for us. The dandelions are really putting on a big yellow show at the moment and I'm sure all our neighbors are cringing as they spend a small fortune on weed killers and fertilizers to keep their lawns un-naturally green and pristine. Our yard is 100% organic and chemical free and we have more birds and beneficial bugs in our yard to combat any of the bad things that could move in. Nature has a balance and if left alone it can and will take care of itself without our medaling.

We stopped by Scott's Mother's to give her a Mother's Day card and gift card to Belk's - her favorite store in the world.

Now I'm ready for a nap before I delve into the work that I brought home to do.

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