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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I brought home treasure!

I got some variegated Maxi Lock thread that normally sells for $9.95 each for $0.97 each. The quilt blocks were $3.97 each as they are close outs; I couldn't get all 12 blocks and we were out of setting kits but I got 9 and that will be large enough for a baby quilt. I'm sure someone I know will have a baby girl eventually. And the glass are to make the Beta Fish homes using a live plant on top to oxygenate the water. Perhaps this method will work for me. And the sewing machine feet were also clearance at $2.97 each and I got a gathering foot as well as an overcast foot. The needle threader was also clearance and it reminded me of the one my Grandma had so I had to have one.

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