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Thursday, May 07, 2009


I'm going to sew today! FINALLY a day off! I pr-ewashed some fabric for projects yesterday and plan to make a few things today. Right now I am enjoying the quiet sounds of the morning - coffee maker keeping the freshly made coffee hot, the cats grooming themselves with an occasional deep purrr and the hum of my computer as I type. Scott and Greg are still asleep. I may take the opportunity to nap later today.

Scott set out some of the remaining tomatoes and the rest of the pepper plants that we had bought just in time for some nice rain showers to move through the area. Luckily we didn't get the tornado weather that they were forecasting. Everything we've planted is growing well - just need to get a handle on the weeds before they take over and destroy all our hard work.

Mother's Day - what shall we do? I will actually be off this Sunday and am SO looking forward to that. I want to do something special for our Mom's but I'm not sure what... perhaps something will come to me today while I'm sewing.

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