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Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday!!!!!!!!

Wow! The end of the week got here fast! I'm working tonight and then tomorrow morning. Sunday is Charles's wedding and yesterday I went and got my hair cut for that... WOW! Where did that gray haired woman come from... I'm sticking with the gray. It makes Scott and I more matchy! lol Perhaps we will get a picture taken Sunday of us all dressed up at the wedding that I can post later.

I've started a couple reversible jumpers and a crocheted doily. Anything to keep me busy right now. I'm taking the jumpers into work today so that Barbara can walk me through how to sew them together easily. The pattern was not written to be reversible and she said the way I was talking about doing it was off a bit and that she's help me. The doily I am making for MaryLou as she had made me a couple detailed dishcloths awhile back and I want to do something nice for her now.

Scott's busy stirring the political pot around Cayce by handing out brochures comparing Mayoral Candidates. And together we are cooking meals and eating in more often. The cost of going out to eat is definitely the first place to save for us.

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