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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thoughts on Life

I'm sitting in a quiet house this morning as Scott has gone to audit a class and Greg is still asleep. I have to be into work at 12:30 and will be off tomorrow. I have made a decision but am not ready to share here on my blog.

I've been thinking a lot about life in general and what really matters within it. Love and Family! Does it REALLY matter if you make a lot of money if you miss out on loving moments with your family. We are born into families to share love... thats how we are created... from love. If we are spending more time chasing money than with our families what is the point. There is important work at home too. I know that some money is a necessary evil to survive but how much are we working to pay off our own greed for "more". I'm basically at my mid-life - perhaps this is a crisis of sorts. Who knows but it has me thinking.

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  1. Well...I live on very little ($761/month). Mostly I do OK. The main theme of your blog has been how stressed out you are from working. I've been wondering when it would get to you enough to change. Congrats on seeing the light :-)


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