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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A fun Day at Home

Well most of it was here at home. I competed and mailed out 2 mini-quilts as well got another quilted and will have it ready to mail by the weekend and then I will have just one left to make, quilt and mail. I also mailed a box of "scraps" to a fellow blog keeper as she has a limited income but a crafting spirit. And I sent a fun package to the Spartanburg family - YEAH HALLOWEEN!

I also picked up my prescriptions at CVS and took Amelia for a ride over to the store when Lenora locked her keys in the office. Amelia LOVES riding "shot gun"; it's like she has a doggy grin ear to ear. If it wasn't for the seat alarm going off occasionally I'd let her ride up there all the time.

First thing I did this morning was to clean the den and re-arranged the furniture a bit. Which the cats did NOT approve of at all. But decided it will be all right as long as I'm home more to lay on.

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