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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Here it is Sunday morning and I am getting ready for work and wishing that I was staying home. Home is definitely where my heart is and I wish that I could stay here more. The day to day hassles of management and the daily drama is wearing me thin. I'm reaching a point in my life where I want to explore the Earth more and work a LOT less. At least for someone else. Working hard in my garden, cleaning my house and doing my laundry would be more full-filling to me. Watching things grow; sitting and talking with family and friends and just enjoying living each day.

My health is starting to cause me worry again and I think it's all from stress. Yesterday Scott and I went for a short walk by the River and sat and watched it flow by several times just sitting there holding hands sharing our amazement for the nature all around us. There were several Egrets fishing along the further bank and it was fun watching them and seeing how crafty they were about catching their prey. Having those moments with him was such a stress reliever. Tonight it will be dark when I get home and I will need to go right to sleep to get to work bright and early the next morning. Such is life at the moment. The first of the year I am thinking about making some changes in my work life.... if they aren't made for me before then.

Time to get this day rolling.

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