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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Morning!

I can hardly believe that it is Tuesday all ready. Trash day! Scott got most everything to the curb I just need to do a quick swipe through the house to empty the smaller waste baskets and the liter box. I have to be to work at 10 this morning so I have a little time to do some cleaning before I head out. Tomorrow I am off and I need to spend the day sewing up a couple shirts that I can wear to work. I just can't seem to find things in the stores that I like or at a decent price. I'm looking forward to the day when I can return to homemaker comfy clothes - jeans/denim, sweats and funny t-shirts. OH WELL... one day.

I've been revisiting Deltec Homes and would still love to live in one but I'm torn as the cottage plans are so adorable and really all that we need. The Deltec home would be more stable in a hurricane type storm though. Perhaps I'll just start saving up the down payment to get them started on one and then go from there. We could always build the cottage as a place for company to stay. Thats the good thing about owning 10 acres... plenty of room to "play".

We have LOTS of garlic up in the garden so I will need to find plenty of ways to use it up - garlic pesto, stir fries, pasta dishes... I shouldn't have a problem. Scott also planted some sprouting potatoes and some peas so perhaps they will do well and we can do creamed peas and potatoes with Ham.... YUMMY! I'm thinking I woke up hungry this morning. Time for breakfast.

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