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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DMV. baby gifts and Greg

Well I made it through the DMV experience... and I have the UGLY picture to prove it and what luck I get to look at it every time I open my wallet for the next 10 years! After I finished at the DMV I went to AC Moore and bought 2 One Pound yarns to make a baby hoodie for Lenora's new baby. And then I went to Hancock Fabric and lucked out and found several Care Bear prints on sale for 30% off so I can make her a small quilt as well. I also stopped at Jo-Ann's and bought the last on a bolt of rainbow flannel to back the quilt for just $3 a yard. I went ahead and bought two packs of lime green quilt binding for the quilt as well since they had 2 coupons in store that I could use at the same time - one 40% off and the other 50% off. I had thought about doing a little clothes shopping as well but changed my mind and just came home as Greg is having a bad day and needed Mom readily available to talk to. He is nearing the point of entry into the Navy and is having a bit of a hard time pulling things together. I told him I can't help him with it as he has to show that he is responsible enough to do it on his own or he will never live it down but that I would be here when he comes back home. I worry so about him but have faith that he will be all right eventually.

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