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Thursday, July 05, 2007


I simply must find time to sew again. I have so much fabric now that I really need to get some things made. Time to start on Christmas gifts anyway if I'm to get anything done. I need some new clothes and I hate what is available in the stores anymore as they are all sized for size 10 and below anyway; which I am not and never have been.

I'm supposed to be off today but will be going in to help with the new jewelry plan-o-gram as it is due by the end of today and it has not even gotten started. UGH! Yesterday we were all a bunch of slugs; no one had much energy and we all wanted to be home with our families. I wish we had the 4th off like most everyone else; oh well thats retail for ya'.

No sign of the skink but the exterminator put down sticky traps to try and catch him. I'm just hoping that I find him before he dies stuck to one of those things and I'll release him in my yard.

I may work awhile and then come home and then go back over in the evening to help Lenora with freight. I don't think I can pull a full 13 hours today as my head is killing me.

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