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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Amelia Dog

Thursday I finally got around to mowing our lawn and it looks GREAT but the most important part is that Amelia is a much happier dog as she doesn't have to go through 2 foot high grass anymore. Poor puppy! Between Scott's allergies and me never home the house and yard are getting horribly neglected.

I'm trying harder to find time to do things for us and not spending as much time at the store but so far my store obligations are still winning. I keep hoping that the pressure to get things done will lighten up but then something else comes along that puts even more pressure on. I know the Company is trying to change a lot to improve the appearance of the stores and to make us all improve our standards and expectations over all but it is exhausting.

I'm working on laundry this morning and the bathrooms need to be cleaned again. Thankfully I don't have to be in to work until 1. I want to get a jacket cut out this morning as well. It will be perfect to wear with jeans this fall. I need new clothes but hate what is in the stores; I guess I AM getting older. I'm just glad that I know how to sew and crochet.

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