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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A New Week

I worked Sunday and Monday to start off this week and will be working today through  Thursday and then will be off Friday and Saturday. We are preparing for the HUGE sales next week and getting everything ready for the madness. I am truly hoping that I am not stuck on a register during all that craziness. I've requested next Wednesday and Thursday off and am hoping to get it but they have to have people there to run the store so I may have to work around my hours. I will find out tomorrow. They've always been good about letting me have requests as I rarely ask for time off. FINGERS CROSSED!

I've crafted a bit and made a card and a crocheted scarf for a little girl's birthday and hope that she will like them. The scarf pattern is super easy and fast...

Size N hook

Holding 2 yarns together (I use one 4 ply and 1 fancy yarn)

Chain 120 stitches leaving a 6 to 8-inch tail at each end and ending off leaving another 6 to 8 inch tail.

Then start off the remaining rows with a loop on hook and single crochets across leaving tails at each end of work. (The tails are your fringe). Just keep adding rows until you reach your desired width.

This lovely card and decorated lunch bag are what I received in the swap at the library this past Saturday. I thought it was funny that she and I both used blues in our cards. She (Laurel) LOVES quilling and in fact next month we will be learning to make a quilled snowflake. I am so looking forward to that. We are also doing an ornament swap with an assigned partner.  And an altered Mason or Ball jar as a Secret Santa with $10 worth of crafty items hidden inside. It's going to be so much fun!

I am thinking about making a pineapple cheese ball to take as a munchy to share along with some crackers. I will have to get with my Mother-in-law for her recipe as she used to make a FABULOUS one when she was doing weddings.

Well it is time to leave for another day but it is a short day at work and then home to do some things around here. LAUNDRY for one... YIK!


  1. Hello Becky Ive just been watching both you and your mother in law baking those fruit cakes - wonderful idea - I notice how you use white eggs! over here in England we don't see many white eggs, mainly brown also how you put a tray of water in the oven to keep the cake moist! Brilliant work - all I need now it to taste it - thanks for sharing. Irene Vernon

    1. Brown eggs cost more here and white eggs are the "Norm". It tastes DELICIOUS!


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