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Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Friday!

I was supposed to be off today but have luckily picked up 4 more hours of work... that'll help my paycheck. And Scott is picking up a few more hours today as well. He also has a Doctor's appointment with his ENT this morning. A busy day to be had by both of us.

Here he is after I got him back inside... all calm and sweet.
Yesterday when I got home from work and opened the side door to enter the bonus room Tesla flew out. I didn't know he was out there and he took off and turned into Psycho Kitty. I finally caught up with him on the lower side of the house and he dug me up pretty good catching him to bring him back inside. Thats why we never let him out as he just can't handle it and becomes CRAZY CAT! My hand will be all right and he is all nice and calm and sweet once more. He is definitely not safe around children and when we get young visitors he gets closed up in our bedroom. I just don't want to take any chances with him hurting someones kid. He does all right around adults. I think it's because we live such a quiet life here he doesn't know how to handle change well  at all.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to cooking for us, my son's girl friend and my parents. It will be a small get-together but everyone else had other plans or I did not hear from them. When I get home from work I will be cleaning house and I may pull down some Christmas  decorations. We will see how I feel about that once I get home. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


  1. Tesla looks so regal and leonine in that photo Becky. Maybe he's really a lion (maneless) and that's why he sometimes becomes psycho cat! lol

  2. Poor Telsa. I read recently that cats do NOT like change. Hope your hand heals nicely.

    Have a good day at work, and enjoy your Thanksgiving preparations and the day itself with family.



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