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Friday, November 15, 2013

36* F Here this morning

I am up and preparing for the day. I dread going out to the car at 4:30 to head off to work as I will have to scrape ice from my car windows. Yesterday morning it was even colder at 27*... I do believe Winter has finally arrived; just in time for the Holidays. The store looks like one HUGE Christmas party now. Everyday I come home glitter somewhere on me as it seems to float in the air.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow as I will be getting together with my local crafting group. These are the items that I have made for the swaps we had decided to do.I hope the gals like them. We will be making an ornament out of a Styrofoam ball, fabric and pins.
I guess I better get ready to head out into the chilly morning! BLAH!

UGH!!! UPDATE!!! I drove all the way across town to work and decided to check my phone while I waited for the Boss to show up and discovered a text from her saying to take today off! GRRRRRrrr!

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