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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Finished little projects

My most recent completion -  4 stick pins and a holder.
This little box was so much fun to alter - I bought the box for $1 at Dollar tree.

It started out as just a plain unfinished wooden box - no legs - I added the legs to the bottom.

I found this adorable image online and reduced its size to fit in the top of the box.

This was the completed exterior of the box after being painted, papered and embellished with lace and pearls and flowers and a butterfly.

Matilda in her coffin - I made the entire coffin out of chip board and then painted and decorated it for Matilda. I even made a red corduroy cushion for her to "rest easy".

The cross on top is also made of chip board and the plaque says, "R.I.P Matilda Died 1843 -Green with Envy".

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  1. Love the image in the box of the children sharing a book together. You are very clever, Becky! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!


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