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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Nick is still hanging on

Our cat Nicholas is still hanging on and our son is not ready for  him to pass on so he is doing what he can to get some food into him. I'm still not sure how long the cat will last and I am to a point of wanting to either have him put to sleep or let him outside to pass away on his own terms out in Nature. But he is Greg's cat so I will leave it up to him.

Scott and I are over at his Mom's house trying to get her printer to work  and Scott has finally been successful. So  we will be heading back to our house now. I will write again after Wednesday when I get paid. Good night!

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  1. Oh Becky I do know how hard this is. I do hope Nick is comfortable this is always so hard but it sounds like he is doing well again. HUG B


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