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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I didn't cut it at Cracker Barrel

Pressuring people to buy things they can't afford and don't need seems ludicrous to me. I think that is why I keep reverting back the the fabric and crafting businesses for employment. People come there to find items to fill their time constructively and to enjoy the process of being creative beings. They come in search of items to create something special for someone or to give a visual representation of a scientific process or other educational goal. There is an actual goal in mind when they walk through the door. I could probably handle working in a gardening store or a Feed and Seed as well. A bunch of STUFF doesn't do a thing to expanding the mind, body or soul - but taking time to learn a new craft expands the depths of ones mind. I love being able to take raw material and turning it into something functional - not just something pretty to look at. I hate high pressure sales tactics and will NOT buy when I'm feeling pressured to do so and I'm not comfortable pushing imported junk onto people either. So I will continue to help people develop their creative side and leave the STUFF sales to someone else.


  1. Hi Becky....well said :) :) :) I make it a point to make sure that whatever I buy will have an actual use in my home now...I have too because the budget is tight. I don't like "p ushing" things on people part of my job, I am required to "offer" extras on each and every phone call....if I don't I could be "coached"...I don't think I'd lose my job...but it wouldn't be good. However, I'm a very "soft" seller...I'm definitely not pushy. All I do is ask...and if they say "no"...then I just leave at that :) Hmm...I should see if there are any craft jobs here where I live...that would be fun!!! Have a lovely weekend, Becky. How are your quilting projects turning out? Love and hugs from Oregon, HEather :)

  2. Hey Heather!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. My quilt projects are waiting for me in my sewing room. On Monday I've got to make another shirt and skirt for work. Once I get those made I will get some more quilting done. I'm really hoping that my job stays part-time so that I will still have time to be crafty. My Mom and I are intrigued with card-crafting right now. Makes me wish we lived closer.


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