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Friday, November 12, 2010

Possible Quilt Design?

This is some flooring that is in the farm house we went to visit a couple weeks ago. I just had to take a picture as it just begged to be turned into a quilt. Makes me wish I had EQ for the computer. I'm thinking this is a 1930's era flooring but I'm not 100% sure. It just looked so cool and "quilty".  One of those challenges that I love to take on.

Yesterday I went to Spartanburg to visit my family and to take Mom out and about for a little "fun" shopping. We "shopped" mostly with our eyes and got some terrific ideas for cards at the Scrapbook store up there. I'm anxious to try some out soon!

Today is my youngest brother, Charles' birthday he is turning 34. I didn't get to see him yesterday but hope that he has a nice birthday.

I did get to see Hazel and she showed me all they've been doing at their place. They built a lovely garage and re-did an old camper. She has quite a few cats that have taken up with her from the neighbors. I've never seen so many white cats in one place. And she had plenty of orange tigers as well. They are all pretty wild and won't let you near them but they sure checked us out to see if we had any food.

Mom gave me a lovely blocking board that Grandmother Sellers had sent down to me. Now I can really block out my doilies so they lay nice and flat and smooth. 

I got home after dark and it's really getting hard for me to drive at night; the lights absolutely kill my eyes. I'm really glad that I've been scheduled for mid-days at Michaels next week. So far it's been an awesome experience; I do believe I will enjoy all my time with them.

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