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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Oh boy was yesterday a doozie! I had worked Thanksgiving night 4 PM until about 10 and then yesterday morning I had to be to work at 5 AM; I was so tired. Then at about 9 I took my lunch; the store had furnished a Thanksgiving Feast. I ate a bit of turkey, dressing and some fruit salad and drank some water. At about Noon I started feeling REALLY bad. I was supposed to work until 1 PM but I became violently ill at about 20 after Noon and had to call Scott and Greg to come and get me. I just couldn't drive home - it was awful! I was so thankful that I had some leftover prescription for some anti-nausea tablets in the cabinet. Once I got my stomach to settle down a bit I slept and slept and am feeling nearly like myself here at a quarter to 4 this morning.

Which is good as today is SCRAPBOOKING WITH JANE!!!!!! YEAH! I am hoping to get Greg's Navy Pictures at least started; I have his Boot-camp Graduation Pictures and the picture's he took in Texas; while in his "A" school to become a Sea Bee. 

I'll post more later....

Three pages completed plus a fourth in the works! These are the pictures taken of our trip to Great Lakes, IL in December 2008 to see our sons' PIR from Navy Boot Camp. Hard to believe that was two years ago.

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