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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Once Again

Here it is Thanksgiving Day once again; it's hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly.
I'm thankful we did not loose our home this year as so many others did.
I'm thankful for my hardworking husband that gives his all to any job he takes on. I'm thankful for a well rounded son that thinks outside the box and is proud of who he is as a person.
I'm thankful Greg has found a girl to love that loves him back.
I'm thankful for all the skills that Scott and I both have to make our lives successful.
I'm thankful for the lessons taught to me by my Elders; even if I did not understand there meaning until just this year.
I'm thankful for my extended family thats always there for us no matter what.
I'm thankful for life and all it has to offer each and everyday.
There is SO MUCH more to be Thankful for in all the little things all around us.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 

My contribution to the meal... broccoli casserole and 2 pumpkin pies - from scratch~


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Becky and DH.


  2. Thank you very much - I'm Thankful for my Blog followers and their Blogs to follow as well.


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