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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slept the Afternoon away

I always feel like I've wasted so much time when I awake from a short nap that lasted 4 HOURS. But I am feeling a bit better than I was when I got up at 4:30 this morning. I just put a Shepherds pie in the oven for dinner tonight. Greg will LOVE that as it's one of his absolute favorites. This is the recipe that I used ; it was REALLY easy and all ready smells delicious.  Here's mine fresh out the oven...

My hours were cut at work due to lack of sales but thats OK as it's giving me time to recover from what ever I am battling at the moment. I'm still enjoying the job very much and learning about the products they carry - so many WONDERFUL things and their sale prices are really good. Hopefully business will pick up for them after Thanksgiving. In the mean time I will work on projects here. 

The leaves have FINALLY gotten pretty just in time for the winds to arrive and knock them from the trees. I just went out front and took some pictures of what I see from my computer chair.

My little helper has been very vigilant the last couple days. He won't hardly let me out of his sight. And he pines so when the fellas leave for work; he really thinks he is a baby and not a cat.

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