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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Would love to go MIA for a week or two

I'm enjoying a day at home today and it feels so good I wish I could do it for a week or 2. I see so much that I need to do here and feel guilty having to go to work and expend all my energy there. I am literally wiped out everyday I work.

There are water drops falling from the edge of our roof past our front big window where I am sitting looking out. And the sky looks like it's going to drop more rain today. SO - I guess I will be working on projects inside - cleaning bathrooms will be a first priority and installing new shower curtain liners will be a must! YUCK!

Scott has planted okra in one of the garden beds and it is growing nicely now. The Persimmon seeds that he started are turning into some lovely little trees that will need to be moved to larger pots soon.

We may have to make the hardest decision in our life soon - whether to sell our 10 acres or not. If we could sell it for enough we could pay that mortgage off and perhaps get this place fixed up to sell as well and then sell it and find a bit of land with a small house all ready on it and move. We keep hoping a fabulous job will come Scott's way. He is applying for dozens a week but no luck yet.

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