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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I got 3 new books yesterday; all on organizing sewing and craft space. Now I wish I was off for a week to sit and read through them all. I will just have to be content to read through them as I can. The titles are.... Creating your Perfect Quilting Space - Sewing room makeovers for any space and any budget by: Lois L Hallock. Where Women Create - Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women By: Jo Packham AND Organizing you Craft Space by: Jo Packham. They all have absolutely beautiful covers to draw you in.

While I was off from work I finally put my new quilting table together and I LOVE IT! It has a drop top with 1x1-inch grid and a ruler down one edge. On one side it has 3 nice sized drawers and on the other a wonderful cabinet with 2 shelf spaces. I think I am going to buy some magazine storage to put my quilting magazines in but first I need to measure to see if they will fit in the cabinet.

I have 2 new employees and I will be deciding on a new Operations team leader this week as well. So things ARE looking up.

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