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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday all ready...

Here it is Thursday all ready... I can hardly believe it.

Scott is attending a job fair in Augusta, GA today to see if there are any prospects down that way. Yesterday he and Greg went to see Mary-Etta and Jessie and Greg wore his uniform. They have Mary-Etta in Hospice now and keep her full of Morphine. They can't do dialysis on her anymore as she nearly dies every time they have tried so it's "her time". One of Scott's old girlfriends works in the Hospice and Scott called and asked her to check in on Mary-Etta and Jessie. That meant a lot to them.

I'm still plugging away trying to accomplish million things at a time and am working LONG days... I've got to completely rework the next schedule and am hoping to get a couple people brought back on that used to work there but left because of the way they were being treated by previous management.

I'm ever so ready for a vacation!

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