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Monday, August 17, 2009

Relaxing Morning

Just enjoying my first cup of coffee looking out our front window.

Last night Scott and I did a bit of clean up in the front yard. He mowed and I cut down a bunch of small trees that had come up in flower beds. I also took down two of the trees that weren't growing well that I got from the National Arbor Day folks. We decided to start focusing harder on this house and yard; getting it ready to sell.

I also got the rest of Greg's things out of this front room so I now have a spot that I can lay things out to cut out. I bought some fleece to make myself a "comfy robe" like I made for Scott a few years back. I'm tired of seeing him all toasty warm in his. And I bought some of the cutest flannel with cats all over it to make myself a nightgown.

Time to go wake Scott up!

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