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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A trip to our land

Yesterday after I got home and took a quick little nap; Scott and I went up to our 10 acres to drop off a load of rocks. We are moving all the rocks around here and plan to reuse them up there. The rocks were left by the original owner of this house as he was a stone cutter. We have fossilized dinosaur dung, ballast rocks from ships from England, quarts, and many other types. Quite interesting to examine. Will make for great fun with Grandchildren one day. We went across the road to our neighbor, Steve's to see if he would mow the front and back fields for us; they have really grown up. We paid him to do it so hopefully before we go up again he will have it mowed back for us. We will take our Gravely tractor up to mow the opening where we plan to build our cottage(s).

Better get going gotta works today.

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