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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Training WEEK !

Well the first week went pretty good at least from my perspective. Everyone has been so helpful and positive... it's been GREAT! I came home last night and will need to get back up there either tonight or early tomorrow. I will see how I feel about an early morning drive later today. It WAS so good to sleep in my own bed with my own feather pillow.

The animals acted so mad at me last night but are warming back up to me this morning. I think they all thought I had been eaten by predators or at the minimum my head had been bitten off.

On my way home I stopped at Jo-Ann's to see the girls and to give Lenora the baby girl hat I crocheted her for "luck"... she all ready has two wild boys. The store looked empty.... it was so sad to see so much empty space... I bet their sales have dropped WAY OFF. Oh well I just couldn't stay in that environment anymore. There was 6 people on the sales floor and no freight was being pushed. OH WELL... NOT my concern anymore. The big thing at Cracker Barrel is freight is ALWAYS moving from the stock room to the sales floor with the retail employees shopping the stock room for guests too... when you go back to get one thing you bring out at least two more things that go with what you went to look for. It's GREAT!

I've got three more weeks in Fort Mill and then I will be going to Lebanon TN for two weeks. LOTS to learn and lots of fun to be had!

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